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Terms of Use


Welcome to Elenia’s site (hereinafter referred to as “Site”). We urge you to read these terms of service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Service”) carefully before you use the Site. These Terms of Service shall apply to all Elenia sites established for various purposes and accessible on various devices. 
This Site may only be used in accordance with the valid Terms of Service and applicable legislation. These Terms of Service shall apply to all actions undertaken by the user on the Site. Separate special terms and conditions may apply to the use of certain functions or sections of the Site. In the event that some of the provisions set out in these Terms of Service are considered to be in breach of the law, mandatory legislation shall apply to such provisions. The other provisions of these Terms of Service shall, however, remain in force.
Service provider
Elenia Oy and companies that belong to the same group of companies at any given time.
Business ID:  2658611-8
Patamäenkatu 7, FI-33901 Tampere, FINLAND
Telephone: +358 20 586 11 
Fax: +358 20 586 4240
Intellectual property rights
The Site and its contents, such as software, texts, images and graphics (hereinafter referred to as “Contents”), shall remain the property of the Service Provider or its co-operation partners and protected by copyright law and international copyright agreements. 
All intellectual property rights to the Site and Contents (such as copyright, registered and unregistered trademark and design rights, domain names, patents, database rights and trade secrets) as well as the goodwill generated by their use shall remain the property of the Service Provider or its co-operation partners. The user must ensure that all print-outs and copies of the Contents include all notices of copyright and other rights set out in the said Contents. The Service Provider does not grant the user any direct or indirect rights to any intellectual property rights.  
Personal data and cookies
The Service Provider shall process all personal data pertaining to the user and accumulated via the Site in the manner provided for and mandated by applicable personal data legislation. In the event that the use of the Site requires that the user provide personal data to the Service Provider, the user must provide the Service Provider with accurate and up-to-date information. Providing false data is prohibited. Please ensure that you read the file description of the personal data register maintained by the Service Provider on the basis of customer relationships or other valid grounds that describes how personal data is processed in further detail.
Cookies or other corresponding techniques may be used to collect information on the use of the Site and the user’s device via the Site. Such information may include e.g. the browser used by the user as well as the sections of the Site browsed by the user and the dates and times thereof or how the user arrived on the Site. Cookies are small text files that can be conveyed to the user’s device via the Site. Information accumulated through the use of cookies is anonymous, but the information can be linked to the personal data provided by the user. 
Cookies enable the processing of hits and other Site-related information. By processing the said information, the Service Provider may e.g. analyse and individualise the Site’s operations as well as improve user experience. The Service Provider may also use such information to produce user-specific marketing that better corresponds to the interests of each specific user. The User may prevent the use of cookies by changing their browser settings. The removal of cookies or blocking their use may, however, have a detrimental effect on the use of the Site or its specific functions or even prevent such use. 
Rights and obligations when using the Site
The Service Provider grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable and cancellable right to access the Site and use the Site in accordance with these Terms of Service. Using the Site does not grant the user intellectual property rights to any of the information or Contents provided on the Site.
The Service Provider may provide the user with Contents developed by the Service Provider or its licensors via the Site. The Service Provider grants the user a non-exclusive licence to use the Contents for a specific purpose unless otherwise stated in any special terms and conditions applicable to the Site’s functions. 
The Service Provider grants the user the limited license defined in these Terms of Service to use the Site for their own, non-commercial purposes. The user is entitled to view and read the Site and its Contents. The user is not entitled to modify or copy the Contents. The user is also not entitled even in part to share, distribute, transfer, publish or otherwise make public the Contents as is or in a modified form unless otherwise specifically stated in these Terms of Service or any other special terms and conditions applied to the sections of the Site. Using the Site or the Contents for commercial purposes is explicitly prohibited. The Service Provider does not grant the user any other rights to the Site or Contents than those specifically set out in these Terms of Service. 
The user may not interrupt or otherwise disrupt or attempt to interrupt or disrupt the operation of the Site or the ability of other users to use the Site in any way (e.g. through viruses or timed malware). 
The user may not use the Site (a) via automatised systems or media in order to acquire, copy, monitor or access without authorisation any part of the Site; (b) to manipulate headers or identifiers in order to remove information on the source of the contents provided via the Site; (c) to portray themselves as a representative of the Service Provider; (d) to convey otherwise false information; (e) to publish or disseminate any materials or contents that are illegal, reprehensible, derogatory or otherwise non-publishable or which infringe upon third-party rights or advertise goods or services without authorisation; or (f) for any other illegal purposes (such as sending spam or other unauthorised data).
The Service Provider shall not monitor or be liable for the content published or disseminated by the user on or via the Site. The user shall be liable to ensure that they publish, convey, send or disseminate only such information or content via the Site that the user either owns or is freely entitled to use, including the right to convey such information or content to the Service Provider and grant the Service Provider the right to freely and without compensation publish and disseminate such information or content on the Site in its entirety or in part. The user undertakes not to lodge any claims with the Service Provider that are based on any content published, conveyed or disseminated by the user on or via the Site. 
Links to third-party sites 
The Site may contain links to sites owned and maintained by third parties. The Service Provider does not control the linked sites in any way, nor does the Service Provider monitor or check the contents of the linked sites. The Service Provider is thus not liable for the contents, correctness, reliability or data security of the linked sites. Providing links to third-party sites on the Site also does not imply that a relationship exists between the Service Provider and the third party that owns or maintains the linked site, nor does it imply that the Service Provider in any way supports or promotes the services provided by the linked site. 
The user acknowledges and accepts that the links provided on the Site will redirect the user to another site and that the user uses any linked sites at their own risk. The user should carefully read the terms of service of the linked site as well as any other possible instructions before they use the linked site.  
Any external links leading to the Site must link to the main page of the Site. External links must open in a separate window and not within the linking site’s own frame. The appearance, positioning and other features of the link must not have a detrimental effect on the Service Provider’s reputation or the goodwill of its trademarks, nor may they create the false impression that the party linking to the Site or its goods or services are in any way connected to the Service Provider’s operations or sponsored thereby. Links may also not incorporate the Service Provider’s trademarks as an image.
The Service Provider is entitled at its sole discretion to prohibit linking to the Site even if it fulfils the abovementioned conditions.  
Limitations of liability and liability for damages
The Service Provider strives to ensure continuous and undisrupted access to the Site. The Service Provider does not, however, provide any guarantees as to the functionality of the Site or its Contents, which are provided as is. 
The Service Provider shall not be liable for the uninterrupted, timely or error-free operation of the Site. The Service Provider shall also not be liable for the correctness, reliability, errors, deficiencies, inaccuracies or other shortcomings of the information or Contents provided on the Site, nor that such information or Contents is non-infringing. The Site, its operation and some of its properties may rely on network connections, the compatibility of used equipment and supported content formats.
The Service Provider does not guarantee the data security (e.g. that the Site or any information distributed via the Site does not include viruses or other malware) of the Site, its Contents or any information distributed via the Site, such as newsletters, nor shall it be held liable for it.
The Service Provider shall also not be held liable for any information sent, not sent, received or not received by the user via the Site. 
The Service Provider shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or damages based on liability for damages or specific damages (including e.g. damages caused by loss of business, contracts, profit or information or by the interruption of business) attributed to access to or inability to access the Site or its Contents or any other kind of utilisation or inability to utilise the Site or its Contents with no regard as to whether the damages are based on a contract, rights-infringement, negligence or other grounds even if the Service Provider had been advised in advance of the possibility of such damages. In any case, the Service Provider’s liability shall always be limited to the liability set out in mandatory legislation. 
The user undertakes to indemnify the Service Provider for all losses, costs and damages incurred by the Service Provider due to third-party claims resulting from the user’s breach of these Terms of Service.
The Service Provider reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service at its own discretion. Amendments to these Terms of Service shall enter into force after they have been published on the Site.
The Service Provider shall be entitled at any time without advance notice or liability for damages to amend the Site or its Contents as well as to limit or suspend access to the Site or its functionalities or to close the Site or completely cease offering its Contents or any section or function thereof. The Service Provider shall abide by possible obligations, if any, on providing digital services set out in the legislation pertaining to the electricity market.  
Governing law and dispute resolution
The use of the Site and these Terms of Service shall be construed and governed by the laws of Finland, excluding its conflict of laws rules. The Parties shall strive to resolve any disputes primarily through negotiations. In the event that the Parties cannot reach an agreement, disputes shall be primarily resolved by the Pirkanmaa District Court as a court of first instance. Consumers may also submit disputes to be resolved by the District Court or Consumer Disputes Board of their domicile.