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As a pioneer in the energy industry, we offer our employees excellent opportunities to develop into top experts in their field. At Elenia, we serve society and our customers with the help of 311 professionals on a foundation of jointly created values.

Targets and expertise
Performance agreements set annual personal targets based on team and company objectives. Employees discuss the targets with their supervisors in performance assessment and goal-setting discussions at the beginning of each year. Performance is monitored and evaluated in two follow-up discussions, which also involve discussions on competence development in the short and long term.

The expertise of employees is strengthened in accordance with their job descriptions, performance targets and development plans. In addition to internal and external training, we support job rotation and learning on the job. We encourage employees to assume responsibility and to take the initiative in developing themselves and their jobs as well as improving their career prospects.  Our aim is to have the expertise of our personnel meet the demands of our business operations and for our development efforts to combine individual and organisational goals.

We distribute general information to employees on current issues related to occupational safety and the working environment and provide opportunities for employees to participate in various types of training to improve professional skills and qualifications. We also require all employees to undergo Occupational Safety Card training and ensure that their qualifications are in line with current legal requirements. Our uncompromising target is to have zero accidents. Elenia has implemented a certified occupational health and safety administration system, ISO 45001:2018, as well as environmental system ISO 14001:2015.