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Elenia and society
Elenia provides diverse services in the energy sector as well as electricity network services. Reliable energy supply is the foundation of smoothly running everyday life and a well-functioning society.
As the forerunner in the energy sector we offer our personnel possibilities to become top experts in the energy field. 
Risk management
Elenia’s most significant risks have been identified and the measures to avoid these risks have been determined. A risk register is a key element in risk reporting.
Operating policies
Elenia’s operations are guided by its key operating policies: Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Environmental Policy, Information Security Policy, Asset Management Policy as well as Procurement Policy.
Elenia and sustainability
Elenia´s sustainability reports concerning the network and customer service operations, describe the results and objectives of our development work. 

Elenia number one among the electricity distribution system operators in the international GRESB Infrastructure Assessment focusing on sustainability in 2019
Elenia reached the number one spot among the electricity distribution system operators in the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment that focuses on sustainability. Seven electricity distribution system operators from around the world took part in the assessment. Globally, 393 infrastructure companies from different sectors took part in the GRESB  Infrastructure Assessment. In the global overall results, Elenia ranked fifth. A total of 236 European companies took part in the assessment and, in this group, Elenia ranked third.

The GRESB assessment looks at the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of a company as well as how it has succeeded in these three areas.

Elenia improved its GRESB result in sustainability and achieved a total score of 89. The increase was +8 units. Elenia's results, five stars, concerning sustainability in this international assessment were excellent. The GRESB assessment brings an international dimension to our development work, supplying us with information on the global development of the field of infrastructure.

The GRESB Infrastructure Assessment that compares the sustainability of companies in the infrastructure sector was arranged for the fourth time. Elenia took part in the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment for the first time in 2018 and was awarded five stars that year as well.