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Operating policies

Elenia's operations are guided by its key operating policies.

Environmental Policy
Our operations incorporate an Environmental Policy that is a key element of sustainable development and reflected in the company's strategies, processes and day-to-day operations. In line with its strategy, the company takes safety and the environmental into considerations in all decision-making.
Environmental Policy (pdf)

Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Our employees and business partners must be provided the opportunity to work in a safe, healthy and motivating work environment. To this end, the company applies an Occupational Health and Safety Policy.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy (pdf)

Purchasing Policy
Elenia's Purchasing Policy is based on the company's strategy, values and ethical guidelines.
Purchasing Policy (pdf)

Asset Management Policy
The Asset Management Systems covers all main processes i.e. Quality of Delivery, New Connections, Outage Management and Delivery of Electricity including technical equipment, technical IT systems and field communication.
Asset Management Policy (pdf)