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Incorporation of customer service business into Elenia Palvelut Oy

The customer service business of Elenia Oy will be incorporated into a separate legal entity by way of a business transfer which will be effective as of 1 January 2015.  Elenia Oy has established Elenia Palvelut Oy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elenia Oy, as the new legal entity to assume the customer service business of Elenia group after the business transfer.  Elenia Palvelut Oy will provide customer services to Elenia group as well as transitional customer services to Vattenfall Oy. Elenia Palvelut Oy has acceded as a new obligor to the group finance agreements including, inter alia, the common terms agreement dated 10 December 2013 and the security trust and intercreditor deed dated 10 December 2013, and granted security in favour of the security trustee.

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