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Elenia receives excellent scores in GRESB Infrastructure Assessment 2018 measuring responsibility

Last summer, Elenia participated in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) assessment, or GRESB Infrastructure Assessment, for the first time. Elenia scored the full five stars in the assessment. All of Elenia’s operations were included in the assessment.

GRESB is a responsibility-focused research and benchmarking organisation tailored for real estate and infrastructure companies. It works to promote operational responsibility and to receive valuable international data to compare the operations and performance of companies. The GRESB assessment originated in real estate and has later expanded to infrastructure. This was the third time the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment has been carried out.

The GRESB assessment looks at the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of a company and how it has succeeded in the three areas.

Elenia received a total score of 81, which is well above average of the infrastructure companies taking part in the assessment. A total of 280 infrastructure companies took part in the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment around the world. Elenia placed 17th in the total results. Out of the 173 European companies, Elenia was 12th. In the Network Utility Sector, Elenia placed 5th out of 26 companies. Out of 11 private European network companies, Elenia was fourth.

Responsibility means perpetually developing our operations. It is great to receive recognition for the work we have done so far. We will make good use of the GRESB Assessment’s results in developing and carrying out our own ESG development programme as well as in following the development of the industry. Moving on, we will use GRESB as a tool to develop and assess matters related to responsibility and ESG. We intend on also participating in the GRESB assessment next spring.

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