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Elenia increases distribution tariffs by 6.5 per cent on average from the beginning of September

Elenia increases distribution tariffs by 6.5 per cent on average from the beginning of September. The increase is driven by the need to develop electricity distribution to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

“Renewal of the weatherproof electricity network continues in order to meet the changing need of our customers, society and the electricity system,” Elenia Oy CEO, Tapani Liuhala says.

“The overhead line network that was built a long time ago is now at, or close to, the end of its useful life. Due to this, the electricity network must be renewed in any case,” Liuhala continues. 

The electricity market is going through a thorough long-term transformation. The increase in wind and solar energy makes it more demanding to maintain the balance of the electricity system, as the amount of electricity generated must always match the amount consumed.

“The flexibility of consumption is becoming even more important to ensure that we have enough electricity also during cold winter periods. This requires more efficient technical solutions,” says Liuhala.

“As a result of two decades of work, Elenia’s smart grid is cutting-edge internationally. We are fulfilling the expectations of electricity users by building a weatherproof network, upgrading technologies and ensuring the continuous maintenance of the network.”

“We began building the weatherproof network already in 2009 and will fulfil the requirements set by the society on time. Close to 50 per cent of our 72,000 km network is weatherproof. In 2028, 75 per cent of our network will be underground.”

Elenia’s investments in the security of electricity distribution surpass one billion euros
Between 2009-2019 Elenia has invested over one billion euros in the electricity network. This has resulted in more than 10,000 man-years of work in Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland as well as Southern and North Ostrobothnia.

This year, the company will invest over EUR 145 million in the security of electricity distribution. The company will renew over 3,000 kilometres of weatherproof electricity network over the course of the year.

The Energy Authority supervises distribution system operators to ensure that the pricing is reasonable. The electricity network must be designed, built and maintained to endure even the harshest weather. After 2028, a power outage caused by storms or snow loads may be no longer than 6 hours in a zoned area and 36 hours in other areas.

Examples of the monthly average impact of the price increase on the tax-inclusive distribution tariffs
The impact of the average price increase of 6.5 per cent on the tax-exclusive tariff is on average 9 per cent. Distribution prices include both value-added tax and electricity tax. The share of taxes in the total electricity price varies from over a third to about a half.

Type of housing Annual consumption Increase
Block of flats 2,000 kWh 1,78 €/month
Terraced and detached houses 5,000 kWh 3,73 €/month
Detached house 18,000 kWh 7,55 €/month

More information: Tapani Liuhala, CEO, Elenia Oy, tel. +358 400 3311300

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