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Elenia awarded international certificate for quality in electricity network services

Elenia is the first electricity distribution company in Europe to be awarded the new ISO 55001 quality certification

Elenia has become the Europe´s first electricity distribution company to earn the prestigious ISO 55001 certificate of quality, thereby gaining international recognition for the quality of its work in developing, building, maintaining and operating electricity networks. The ISO 55001 certificate was introduced globally at the beginning of this year.

“We understand that Elenia is now the very first electricity distribution company in the Europe to secure ISO 55001 certification,” explains Utilities Senior Assessor Bernard Woods of the UK-based Lloyd’s Register.

As a specialist in corporate safety and risk management, Lloyd’s Register completed a careful study of Elenia’s electricity network operations over the summer, assessing the company against international certification requirements and best corporate practice. The certification now awarded is based on the new ISO 55001 standard and on the requirements of the company’s existing Publicly Available Specification 55 (PAS 55) for optimised management of physical assets. Both of these quality assurance systems define good practice in electricity distribution management.

Lloyd’s Register found that Elenia exceeds the requirements of the standard.

“The Elenia electricity distribution company is excellently positioned internationally among the corporations assessed by Lloyd’s Register. Elenia operates highly advanced network service processes, and it can be proud of its work and of excellent results in electricity distribution development,” Bernard Woods continues.

Lloyd's Register has firm expertise as an assessor in the energy sector, and in such fields as shipping and rail transport.

Elenia CEO Tapani Liuhala stresses the importance of certification. “Quality assurance systems provide a strong foundation for our business that helps us to organise electricity distribution construction, maintenance and troubleshooting with high standards of quality and efficiency. These systems give us confidence in carrying through our investment programme when constructing a weatherproof electricity network.”

“This new certification is splendid recognition for our staff and contractors in their sustained work to enhance our services, and it also requires commitment on the part of suppliers of services and materials to responsible operation in line with our practices.”

The total value of Elenia’s investment in electricity distribution will reach EUR 100 million this year. Elenia is seeking to increase the proportion of underground cabling from the present 30 per cent to 70 per cent by the year 2028.

Elenia Oy certification

Electricity network management ISO 55001 certification
Electricity network management PAS 55 certification
Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001
Environmental Management System ISO 14001

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