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Elenia and Sustainability 2018 Report

Smart grid to reform as part of the core of climate solutions

Responsibility is the foundation of Elenia’s operations. The first sustainability report concerning the network and customer service operations of Elenia, describes the results and objectives of our development work.

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. Climate change causes risks to electricity network services and puts them at the core of climate solutions. Day-to-day life in homes, businesses and the society require a smart and functional electricity network. Elenia has shown the way in Finland and at the international level in this respect. We have been introducing smart grid innovations for two decades. At the same time, we are renewing our network to become a weatherproof part of climate solutions in energy consumption.

In 2018, we participated for the first time in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, an assessment of sustainability in the infrastructure industry. The assessment awarded us the full score of five stars, proving that the sustainability of our operations is at a great level compared to international industry benchmarks.

We have now taken the next step in the development of sustainability. Our responsibility programme guides our work at an even more systematic direction in order to reach our goals. Our responsibility report comprehensively illustrates this work.

Elenia and Sustainability 2018 Report

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