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Focus on local and domestic production
Elenia Heat is a frontrunner in the use of renewable fuels. To reduce its carbon footprint, Elenia Heat has continually increased the share of renewable sources of energy in its fuel consumption and improved its energy efficiency. The share of the renewable fuels in Elenia Heat's district heating production is 68%. This development reduces the environmental impact of heat production and mitigates the potentially volatile price effects of imported fuels.

Most of the fuels used by Elenia Heat are domestic wood and peat. Elenia’s partners in fuel procurement include energy companies, forest and sawmill industry operators, forest management associations and forestry and transport companies.

Partnership is development work that produces new solutions and technologies through combined expertise. Procurement partnerships involve continuous monitoring and evaluation in order to ensure cost-efficient, profitable and sustainable operations through open cooperation. The production and procurement chain of domestic fuel has a significant employment effect in Elenia Heat’s areas of operation.

Elenia Heat purchases most of its wood fuel through long-term framework agreements and annual peat agreements. It purchases nearly one-third of the heat that it sells from other operators, mainly local industrial companies that sell heat produced in their processes. The opportunity to use a diverse range of fuels ensures reliable district heating supply.