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Heating business

Elenia Group comprises the distribution company Elenia Oy as the parent company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Elenia Lämpö Oy providing heating solutions.

Elenia heating company produces district heating and electricity and sells and distributes district heating and natural gas in Häme, Central Finland, Northern Ostrobothnia and Heinola. The company operates in approximately 10 municipalities in total. Natural gas is used as a fuel in the company’s operations and distributed to customers in six population centres. Electricity is produced for the national transmission grid at the Vanaja power plant in Hämeenlinna.

Elenia heating business has currently nearly 5 000 customer contracts and some 85 000 end users. There are approximately 200 district heating companies in Finland, the majority being owned by municipalities. Elenia heating company is Finland’s second-largest private supplier of district heating.

The company’s largest customers by volume are municipalities and municipally-owned housing companies, other housing companies as well as state-owned, commercial and industrial properties.

A producer of environmentally friendly heating
Centrally-produced district heating enables the use of energy efficient and low-emission production technology. In large heating networks, the combined production of electricity and heat conserves energy, which helps to reduce both the environmental impact and costs.

Fuels used by Elenia Heat are mostly domestic wood and peat. In 2016, their share was approximately 90%. Renewable fuels, short-distance transports and optimal logistic leave only a light footprint on the environment. Another key area of development for Elenia Lämpö is improving the energy efficiency of heating production.

Elenia’s district heating operations have been awarded the Fair District Heating quality label by the Finnish Energy Industries. The quality label is an indication of high quality as well as fair, customer-oriented and open business operations.

District heating has a strong market position
District heating has a strong market position in Finland. District heating is particularly well suited for population centres, as extending the network to sparsely populated areas is not economically viable.