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Elenia together with its partners has created an on-going foundation for well-functioning and multifaceted services and the efficient execution of projects. This way of working has been successful for smaller customer-specific projects and larger investment projects as well as exceptional situations. Elenia has actively developed contracting environment and encouraged new contractor to enter the market. Elenia Oy is a construction developer organisation that purchases all of its services on the open market, and the company does not have its own installation resources or ownership stakes in the service market.

Elenia’s material procurement and logistics services are also based on a framework of partnerships. Installation materials and logistics are purchased from a wholesaler and strategic materials directly on factory contracts. Elenia seeks to promote the advancement of the industry through exploring new and alternative solutions that require the international sourcing of products.

Investments create local jobs
The majority of cabling projects scheduled are allocated to frame contractors as well as to contractors who are selected after bidding.  There are also new significant project contractors widening Elenia’s existing business partners of various sizes, ranging from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Elenia’s investment programme has a significant employment effect in the regions it operates in, as the projects create jobs for hundreds of industry professionals annually.

Seasonal fluctuation in the construction industry is a considerable challenge. Elenia has developed an annual planning clock including early project initiation to anticipate and prepare far enough in advance for seasonal variations. Furthermore, contractors have developed winter construction methods for laying power cables and reduce the impact of weather on construction activity.

Systematic and regular stakeholder co-operation
Elenia works systematically to promote harmonised infrastructure construction and to combine its projects with those of local municipalities and other infrastructure operators. The goal is to implement optimal permit practices and land-use compensation. Elenia has been actively developing practices concerning placing cables in the road area.

Zero tolerance for the black economy and accidents
Elenia has a zero tolerance policy for black economy and accidents in both its partnerships as well as its own operations. Environmental, safety and quality follow-up is an integral part of everyday work. Elenia has implemented construction and partnerships related customer and safety promises jointly with partners in order to create customer and overall trust regarding accurate, safe and seamless activities.