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    Elenia Finance Oyj: Shareholder update

    8.2.2019 14:20

    The shareholder of Elenia Finance Oyj, Elenia Oy, has informed Elenia Finance Oyj that it has commenced a strategic review of its interests in Elenia Lämpö Oy and its associated subsidiary. There is no certainty as to the decisions which may ultimately be made on conclusion of this strategic review.

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    Elenia’s weather-proof network already reduces customers´ outages and outage costs significantly

    24.1.2019 14:21

    Elenia’s continued investments into weather-proof network reduce customers´ outages and storm related costs significantly. The increased underground cabling rate was reflected in reduced number of outages caused by Storm Aapeli. Without increased underground cabling, we estimate that the number of customers affected could have been triple. Consequently also the costs have been significantly lower.

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    Elenia continues to invest EUR 145 million in weatherproof electricity network in 2019

    23.1.2019 11:41

    Elenia continues the long-term investment programme and this year company´s planned network investments exceed EUR 145 million. The investments are made in all operational areas of Elenia including Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland as well as Southern and Northern Ostrobothnia. Last year company’s investments in security of supply exceeded EUR 140 million.

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