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    Fortum and Elenia’s battery pack stores electricity for power outages and for maintaining electricity network balance

    28.5.2020 16:15

    Fortum and Elenia commissioned in Kuru, Pirkanmaa, a battery pack they have created together. In normal conditions it will function through Fortum as regulating power for Fingrid’s grid and in a power outage as backup power for Elenia’s customers.

    In the pilot project Fortum and Elenia built a battery pack for storing electricity as part of the smart grid development. The battery pack serves the electricity network’s balancing needs and helps to keep lights on longer for customers during power outages.

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    Elenia and sustainability 2019 -report has been published

    12.5.2020 13:12

    Responsibility is the foundation of Elenia’s operations. In 2019, we revised our strategy in which sustainability has a significant role. We also established for the first time our sustainability programme in connection with strategy process. Sustainability has long been part of our operations. The new programme provides an even clearer framework for our activities.

    The second sustainability report concerning the network and service operations of Elenia, describes the results and objectives of our development work.

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    Elenia has been awarded on the highest level for workplace safety by the Zero Accident -forum

    16.4.2020 13:52

    Elenia has been awarded with the highest category classification I – At the Top of the World, as a recognition for safety management and developing safety according to the world class practices.

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