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    The Supreme Administrative Court decision (12 December 2018) is not expected to have material impact on the Elenia group’s business

    28.12.2018 11:54

    Elenia Lämpö Oy, the heating company of the Elenia group, operates the Vanaja power plant in Hämeenlinna. The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) issued an environmental permit on 16 November 2015 where it considers that the K4 boiler at the Vanaja plant does not fall under the relevant exception for emission limits of the so-called ‘old existing’ district heating plants under the Finnish Decree on environmental requirements for large energy generation units (936/2014) which entered into force on 20 November 2014 and which is applied to existing combustion plants as from 1 January 2016.

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    Loan from the EIB

    21.12.2018 15:58

    Elenia has agreed a loan of EUR 150 million with the European Investment Bank (EIB). Elenia’s long-term investment plan emphasises the importance of building underground electricity network and replacing overhead lines to secure uninterrupted availability of electricity.

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    Media release 15.11.2018: Elenia Lämpö to invest approximately EUR 30 million in the production of district heating in Hämeenlinna

    15.11.2018 13:55

    Elenia Lämpö has made the decision to invest in the renewal of the Vanaja power plant in Hämeenlinna and an important part of the investment is the purchase of a new biofuel-fired boiler. The goal is for the new boiler to be operational in 2020. As a result, the share of renewable fuels in Elenia Lämpö’s production of district heating in Hämeenlinna will be clearly over 80%.  The boiler will be delivered by Valmet Technologies, Inc.

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